Foiled by a two year old..

Isn't that always the way? Those darn kids get sick just when you need to do something. Oh well. At least its not me :)

I'll switch stuff around. Tonight I'll go for a 25k bike, same tomorrow, and then my big long bike will be Friday afternoon when mom takes the girls..

And I'll remind all that are reading, I'm trying to document the ups and downs of my training. Sadly not a lot of interactive stuff. Maybe when I'm through all the training stuff I'll get more fun on my blog. Maybe not as cool as the Pioneer Woman, because seriously I don't ever think I'll be as cool as her. Or Bakerella because darn those cakes look awesome. Or many other neat blogs out there. I won't ever be as crafty as my friend Erika. But maybe cooler than just documenting the boring training of my life.. I will promise you all you will get pictures of all three of my events this year. And that will be pretty picture intensive!

Anyways have a great week!


Sara said...

Hope the kids are feeling better soon. I love your blog just the way it is Jenn! But I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. And don't worry... none of us will ever be as cool as the Pioneer Woman. I love her!

MrsETaylor said...

Awww aren't you all sweet as candy to say something so fructose infused!!! Love ya

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