Calluses and cracked walnuts..

Callused and being able to crack walnuts with my ass. That's the goal in 4 months. Oh and being spandex ready.

I was biking tonight for an hour and half. very cool. Got a good playlist going. I must have been quite the sight, crying my eyes out with Melissa Ethridge's "I run for life" I wish my dad would have been able to see me at the end of this journey, biking with me (so yes he'd be on his motorcycle) but still I wish that would be the way. If wishes were horses right? But he's not and I'm biking for him.

I realized, really realized, why I'm biking from Calgary to Lake Louise. I'm biking so no daughter has to cry over her dad not being here to fix a plumbing problem. I'm biking so no wife has to try to figure out a "plan" after her husband dies. I'm biking so no mother has to spend 10 days separated from her family because the radiation in her body is so strong that its harmful to everyone near her. I'm biking so no mother or father, have to watch their child's eye be removed at 6 months old.

I'm biking for HOPE! FAITH! LIFE!


Amber said...

Thank you so much, Jenn. HUGS

fullfreezer said...

Hugs to you Jenn. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer said...

You are an inspiration. Truly!

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