I have a bicep!

I have bicep's! I'm so excited.. Theresa had me sweat today. Yikes! 1 hour of weight and resistance training. I'm going to be in so much pain tomorrow. But so worth it. I was able to hold the flank lift for 28 seconds. That seems like nothing but 28seconds is HUGE when after 15 seconds you are shaking and trying not to die. I did a full workout and I feel great. No sleep last night because well, I have two kids. And two kids make for interesting nights. But still I feel awesome!

My workout schedule is pretty intense this week. 6 days. 4 days bike, 1 day run and 1 day with Theresa.. The bike will be 2 days hills, 2 days interval. And I'm going to be up to 55 minutes this week. Well I should be by Friday. That will be the goal. Have to find some great songs for the ipod.


Michelle said...

I hate the plank ...good on you for 28 seconds ! I'm so impressed with your training schedule...now I feel motivated to do more.

Jenn M said...

Thanks Michelle.

Its a scary thought doing 6 days but it will make the bike in June a little easier!

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